Lawn Mowing

Average Price Paid: $35.23

Typical Price Range: $28 – $45

Cost Factors: Size of lawn, length of grass, frequency

Demand Mowing

Great for anyone looking to take a break from mowing their lawn.


String Trim

Clearing grass clipping from hard surfaces

Excellent Customer Service

Reccuring Mowing Service

Perfect for those in need of weekly,
bi-weekly or monthly cuts.



Clearing grass clipping from hard surfaces

Maintaining edge along driveway & sidewalks

Excellent Customer Service

Keep the same provider each service

Locked in pricing all season

Every lawn is different.

That’s why we’ve built a service that’s simple and adapts to your needs.

How On Demand Mowing Works


Request Our Service

Choose the size of your yard and when you’d like your mowing service. Using our simple online form.


Pay Online

When you book us, you can pay online.


Sit back, Relax!

Enjoy more free time, a beautiful lawn and excellent customer service when choosing Emerald Meadows.


What should I expect when booking Emerald Meadows?

Emerald Meadows requests that your yard is free of debris, obstacles and obstructions. Sometimes items around the yard are unavoidable, we understand.

Please let us know in our booking form if there is something we will need to work around or a pet, or your service maybe subject to a reschedule.

Questions about pricing?

How is the price determined?
The price is determined by the size of your property, the length of your grass and other factors that determine the time it takes to perform the services you are requesting.

*Grass over 8 inches long will need a special quote.

Will i know the cost up front for on-demand mowing?

Yes! You will see the price of the job in the form, and you can choose whether to continue or not.

Can I get a price for my property before I actually need service?

Yes, you can get a quote at any time. Go to the Contact Page or call 407-502-2059, to get a quote from Emerald Meadows™. Prices are subject to change without notice.

How do I book your services?

1. Click on the "BOOK MY MOWING SERVICE button.

2. Choose the size of your property.

3. Select the date you would like to receive your mowing service.

4. Fill out a quick form with your property details.

5. Click on the "Pay Now" button and pay for your mowing service online. We use PayPal because it's simple & safe.

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